When a general contractor, landscape architect or developer needs a reliable, quality-driven landscape company, they routinely turn to Singing Hills. Through our responsiveness, our established technical expertise and our exceptional customer service, we develop extraordinary relationships with our clients that result in outstanding landscapes returning exceptional long-term value. It is our experience that low-price installations result in higher long-term costs due to inferior materials and poor workmanship. We don’t skimp or cut corners!

See letter of recommendation from Aurora Public Schools Director of Exterior Operations Tim Stanford.

Singing Hills Commercial Landscape

Service Options

We provide the full range of landscape contracting and maintenance services including:

Quality and Value

One of the core principles that support our high level of customer service is our belief that an up-front investment in a higher quality landscape will produce a long term dividend much greater than the initial cost. We take pride in working with General Contractors to present the Owner with a landscape that is installed to the highest reasonable standards with the least headache for both the Contractor and the Owner. Though initial installation costs may be somewhat higher, the long term cost of maintenance and the management cost can be greatly reduced. Ask us how to maximize the long term value of your landscape project.