From buckets to canals, aqueducts to modern automatic underground systems, the practice of irrigation has been continuously improved upon for thousands of years. Through irrigation, we have the ability to grow plants in arid climates and sandy soils that would otherwise be impossible. With this ability comes the responsibility to properly manage such an important resource through efficient design, quality installation, and continued maintenance. Singing Hills has a qualified, experienced team of professionals to guide you through this process. Our team includes a Certified Landscape Auditor, Landscape Industry Certified Technicians, and a Landscape Industry Certified Manager.

We guarantee to minimize your long-term water and maintenance costs, while maximizing the water efficiency and overall health of your landscape.

Read about our award-winning irrigation upgrade that enabled Aurora Public Schools to add 42 acres of irrigated landscape with no additional water use!

Singing Hills Irrigation


Singing Hills certified professionals specialize in the following areas:

  1. Installation/renovation of commercial and residential irrigation systems
  2. Irrigation audits and assessments
  3. Installation and maintenance of pumps and pumping systems
  4. Spring activation
  5. Winterization
  6. Irrigation system troubleshooting and repair
  7. Installation of water conservation technology
    • ET controllers
    • Soil moisture sensors
    • Rain sensors
    • Higher efficiency heads and nozzles
    • Central Controllers
    • Enrollment in municipal rebate programs