Water Conservation

Water is a precious and limited resource whether it’s potable or non-potable. As the Front Range population continues to grow and put more demand on the water supply, residents can expect to see more pressure from water municipalities to improve irrigation system efficiencies. Singing Hills takes a proactive approach to water conservation on our maintenance projects in the following ways:

  • We stay informed of the latest water saving technology on the market.
  • We make necessary repairs during our routine checks.
  • We inform customers of irrigation problems above normally authorized amounts.
  • We adjust irrigation controllers throughout the season to meet seasonal needs.
  • We work with the local water provider to follow their guidelines and utilize any rebate programs they have available.
  • We recommend irrigation upgrades to our customers that will help them conserve water and reduce water bills. Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor offers expertise that works – not just sales pitches from suppliers.