While many believe that Landscape Maintenance has become a commodity, we think not. The outdoor living environment is composed of many elements that are designed to function in harmony. The health of the landscape is dependent on variables of climate, soil, water, fertility, and many other factors. Managing these interwoven elements wisely is the foundation of responsible landscape maintenance. Anyone can “mow, blow, and go”, or prune shrubs by shearing them into a ball, but it takes more than that to care for a landscape wisely – preserving and enhancing its long-term value and beauty. Our Management Team’s horticultural expertise and dedication to detail are the keys to a thriving outdoor environment.

Singing Hills Maintenance


While this is not a comprehensive list, it gives a good idea of the core services that we offer as a part of our landscape maintenance package. However, we have learned that every landscape is unique and has its own set of challenges. We’ve been asked to remove dead animals from window wells and to prevent live rabbits from feasting on flowers. We’ve changed light bulbs and installed weather stations. We’ve installed large boulders to prevent access by unwanted vehicles and built fire lanes to permit access by emergency vehicles.

Whether your landscape has unique requirements or seems rather ordinary to you, it pays to invest in a landscape maintenance contractor who cares about your landscape and through wise management saves you money in the long run.