Award Winning Projects

Particle Measuring Systems

Boulder-based Particle Measuring Systems is a global technology leader in the environmental monitoring industry. They are involved in research, engineering, manufacturing, and support of the following:

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  • particle counting and monitoring instrumentation
  • microbial monitors
  • molecular gas analyzers
  • data management and automation software

The Award

HNA hardscape project award presented to Singing Hills Landscape
The HNA hardscape project award, presented to Singing Hills Landscape, Inc.

Project Details

award winning patio

After completing a landscape project at the residence of the company controller, we were asked to design and install an outdoor employee eating and break area. The company desired to foster a sense of camaraderie and communication among employees and felt that a refreshing outdoor break area would be energizing. In addition to a landscape design that complemented the near-foothills setting, we proposed incorporating the company logo in an innovative patio design that would be both pleasant for the employees – and foster a sense of well-being about the company.

The project was submitted for award consideration in the Hardscapes North America competition sponsored by the International Concrete Paver Institute and other industry groups. We were thrilled to be considered one of the winning projects in this nationwide competition, and credit our entire team with this outstanding accomplishment! This was a fun project – both to design and to install. It required creative vision and meticulous attention to detail to successfully pull off.

The company plans to augment this area with further investment in a pergola structure and additional landscape features that will enhance the serene foothills view and ambience of this “outdoor employee synergy zone”.

Additional Photos

award winning patio award winning patio
award winning patio