Meet José Luis Romero

Mr. and Mrs. Pepe Romero Mr. and Mrs. Pepe Romero

José Luis (Pepe) was our first full-time employee – hired in 1996. He was unable to speak English, and I was unable to speak Spanish. Through the summer season, he taught me more than I taught him and by the end of the year, we could understand each other pretty well. He invited us to visit his home and family in Mexico that winter, so when our four boys got out of school for Christmas vacation, we packed them in the mini-van, and along with Pepe started driving south!

A little over three days later (26 hours on the road), we arrived in Gonzalez Ortega, Zacatecas – a little agricultural community in the highlands of central Mexico. Conditions were a little different than what we are accustomed to in the United States. The streets were unpaved except for the main highway through town. There was no central water supply and therefore no running water in Pepe’s home. However, some things are universal. As we stepped out of the van, Pepe’s aged father greeted him with a tearful hug, crying, “My son! My son!” It was a moving reunion.

Pepe's house The Romeros home

Pepe continues to return most seasons and has since gotten married and moved out of his father’s home. With his savings from working at Singing Hills, he has been able to build a small home that he can call his own!