Are These Guys Illegal?
(And Other FAQs)

Due to the seasonal nature of landscape work, it has historically been difficult to retain full-time workers over the off season. The U.S. Government acknowledges this by providing the H-2B visa classification for seasonal and temporary workers when no American workers are available to fill the position. We have used this program since 2001 to meet the demand for seasonal workers. Many of our company family return year after year for the landscape season and are valued members of our team.

Why don’t you use English-speaking workers?

We do use English-speaking workers! We just have not been able to consistently find sufficient numbers of seasonal workers. Most U.S. residents desire full-time, year-round employment. Our seasonal workers return to their homes in Mexico every winter, and then come back to work the landscape season. They have accumulated significant experience and excel at producing fabulous landscapes!

Are American workers displaced by the use of the seasonal workers from Mexico?

No. Every year we must demonstrate our need to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, so we advertise first for American workers and hire all that we can. Most years, there are very few applicants. The number of visas available to Singing Hills, are reduced by each American that we hire.

Isn’t it risky to hire illegal immigrants?

Well, that may be the case, but we don’t hire illegal immigrants. We utilize the federal E-verify program to document work eligibility of all our employees. Our seasonal workers hold H-2B visas and return home every winter. This is a great advantage over many other landscape contractors who would rather not know if their employees are legally entitled to work in the U.S.A.

Is language a barrier to successfully installing my landscape?

Working in two languages does present some challenges. However, many of our Mexican employees can communicate in English, and most of our management staff can communicate in Spanish. We have a number of bilingual employees who can communicate fluently in both English and Spanish. In case of emergency, one of us is always available via cell phone in order to translate. We go the extra mile by making sure that all of our company communications such as our Employee Policy Manual, safety training, job documentation, etc. are all provided in Spanish as well as English.

Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to get work visas?

Well, yes it does. However, we believe the cost is more than made up in several ways. Our crews are thankful for the opportunity to work in the U.S. and show that by working hard. Many of them have worked at Singing Hills for multiple seasons. They are very experienced and love to show our customers just what they can do!

Isn’t “guest worker” really just another way of saying “slave labor”?

Not at all, and anyone who believes that - hasn’t visited our company! Our guest workers receive the same benefits as our U.S. workers – including: paid holidays, paid vacation, competitive wages, and educational opportunities. We truly do think of them as family!