Aurora Public Schools Irrigation

Aurora Public Schools

As the Director of Exterior Operations for Aurora Public Schools, I have had the opportunity to work with many landscape contractors. My own career includes years of experience working for commercial landscape firms. Companies that routinely perform at a higher level are rare, especially in a competitive commercial bid environment.

Since 2004, such a company, Singing Hills Landscape, Inc. has been one of my preferred contractors and has demonstrated consistent performance in the areas of:

Singing Hills’ expertise and attention to detail was instrumental in winning an ALCC Excellence in Landscape Award for a complex District-wide irrigation system improvement project. This was accomplished by installing; Bermad master valve/flow sensors, internet-based communications with irrigation controllers, more reliable zone valves, and by adjusting the spacing of virtually every sprinkler head for maximum efficiency and coverage.

As a result, Aurora Public Schools has been able to add an additional 42 acres of irrigated turf with no increase in water usage – a huge savings to the District at a time of extremely tight budgets!

In addition to these outstanding corporate credentials, Singing Hills’ management and field staff have assisted in the Aurora Public Schools/Children’s Hospital school renewal projects for the last few years. Their assistance in coordinating many inexperienced volunteers has helped make these projects a huge success - growing every year. The willingness to give of their time and talents to the community confirms the integrity of this exceptional landscape company.

Although there may be cheaper alternatives in the landscape industry, it is my belief that the long-term value provided by Singing Hills is a substantially better investment than any low-cost contractor can provide. I heartily endorse Singing Hills as one of the best landscape companies in the Denver metro area!

Tim Stanford
Director of Exterior Operations
Aurora Public Schools