Hartwig Residence Landscape

October 2, 2011

Mr Greg Anderson, Operations Manager
Singing Hills Landscape, Inc
16797 E 2nd Ave, Suite C-102
Aurora, CO 80011

Dear Greg:

Glenda and I would like to take this opportunity to commend the work we received at our house during September, 2011. This was a major landscaping project including repairs and grading due to slope issues around the house, several new window wells, installing a walkway from the front to the back of the house, moving the air conditioner, taking up sod, and pouring a new patio in the back yard.

Please give our deepest thanks to Andrew Diccicco, who headed up this project, and Antonio Armendariz, the project foreman. Other members of your staff included Ignacio Rodriguez, Josh Martin, Lorenzo Armendariz, and Esteban Lopez. Finally we want to express our appreciation for Francisco Medera of FM Concrete for all of his work relating to the patio and walkway. I hope that we didn’t forget anybody, but in case we did, please let them know that their efforts were appreciated, too.

All of the work was done with extremely high care and quality. Your crews went out of their way to make sure that things were picked up each night. We have dogs and your crews made sure that they would not be able to get out under the fence every evening. It’s very important that in addition to quality, your staff is hard-working and “goes the extra mile”. We both noticed that if there was “down time” (down time was very unusual), your staff would actually go around and pull weeds or clean up in areas where they weren’t even working.

This is an understatement, but we were amazed at the care and timeliness of the work. We would be happy to recommend Singing Hills to anyone, and would be happy to make appointments to show anyone interested the work that was done here.

Finally, our special thanks to you and Andrew for your frequent visits before and after the project to make sure that the work was completed properly. We are true fans of Singing Hills.


Robert and Glenda Hartwig
Erie, CO

electrolysis-deteriorated window
This window well had deteriorated significantly due to electrolysis.
tight working conditions
Tight working conditions made things challenging. Great care was taken to keep soil out of the gravel.
removed window well
The window well was removed and the area prepared for a replacement.
electrolysis is caused by contact between dissimilar metals
This is the result of electrolysis caused by contact between dissimilar metals. Although the home was just a few years old, it was time to replace the window well.

The window well replacement was just one part of this project. It was a pleasure to work with the Hartwigs – improving drainage, replacing window wells, and enhancing the landscape!