Nurture and Nature

Our maintenance philosophy is that the outdoor living environment is composed of many elements that are designed to function in harmony and that the health of the landscape is dependent on the nurturing of these elements of climate, soil, water, fertility. We believe that Landscape Maintenance is managing these interwoven elements wisely, not just cutting grass and shearing shrubs. Our Management Team’s horticultural expertise and attention to detail are the keys to a thriving outdoor environment.


Regular Care

Regular maintenance visits are normally performed on a weekly basis but can be customized to a more intensive schedule as needed. Typically, these visits include mowing, trimming, litter control, weed management, and a thorough site inspection.


Most properties benefit from annual or biannual aeration of turf areas. Using a soil coring device, we will take soil samples and assess the compaction level of your site.


Proper nutrient and micro-nutrient management is critical to plant health. We use the most advanced formulations and slow-release technology to provide the necessary nutrients at the proper levels to sustain a healthy landscape.

Irrigation Maintenance & Management

In the semi-arid high plains Colorado environment, many plants require irrigation to thrive. Careful management of irrigation systems will maximize the benefit of one of our most precious resources - water. Many projects have significant potential for improvement in their irrigation infrastructure and management.


Many landscape maintenance companies practice wholesale shearing in order to save time while pruning. We recommend a more thoughtful approach to long-term plant health. Although it is more labor-intensive, selective pruning results in healthier plants that live and thrive longer than their sheared cousins.

Disease & Pest Identification & Control

From serious invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer to lesser-known problems such as Thyronectria Canker - there are literally thousands of potential diseases and pests that can harm landscape plants. Most plants can tolerate a certain level of these pests. Good horticultural practices assess the risks and treat these problems appropriately.

Commercial Work


What is the difference between Singing Hills and all the other landscape maintenance companies that I see driving around town?

There are basically three types of landscape maintenance contractors.

  1. Large conglomerates owned by investment bankers. These may still retain a local name but are driven to produce bottom line revenue at the expense of all else. Ask who owns the company.
  2. Locally-owned companies with a proven track record, a presence in the community, and an awareness that long-term relationships are better than short-term profits.
  3. Very small companies with just one or two crews. They may or may not have the expertise needed. Often, they are focused on the residential market.
Why should I choose Singing Hills as my maintenance contractor?
How does highly competent landscape maintenance save money?
Do you provide residential maintenance services?

Maintenance Services

  • Mowing
  • Pruning
  • Aeration

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